Video, Photo, Audio Files

Clip about the Matenadaran – Institute for Old Manuscripts in Yerevan

Liturgic service in Echmiadzin

Waterfall in Jermuk

Images of Noravank, Tatev, etc.

Chronicle of fight for true democracy in Armenia. Directed by David Matevossian.

Video “Jungske” (Little boy) by Poets Don’t Dance 2011

Video registration of Christian Loidl (1957 – 2001), Austrian poet and performer, at the LiteraturWERKstatt Berlin, March 2001. Images shot by Arlette van Laar.

Video belonging to the Ah Pook The Destroyer prayer (Dead City Music Radio) of William S. Burroughs – about vain human longings for cosmic control in the reigning Realm of Ah Pook the Destroyer. The old magician with the incomparable creeky voice, gives and sometimes sings his ultimately grim and bitter spiritual readings from a variety of sources including “Naked Lunch”, “Interzone”, and “The Western Lands”. He invokes his vision in the name of Pan, god of panic; Ah Pook, the destroyer; and even Jesu the Christ. “Invoke” is the proper word, for this is a work of magic – be it black or white. Burroughs is weaving a vision. He wants us to peek through the chinks and see the monsters that lie behind the machinery of control – behind the great shining lies and the bounds of the Prometheus called Homo Sapiens. His objective is no less than a basic disruption of reality itself.

fragment from Love Is The Law, one of the  clips Christiane Lange showed on saturday Oct.22nd in Jermuk. The film won 3rd prize in 2003 at the Zebra Festival for Poetry Films, hosted by the LiteraturWERKstatt Berlin. Eivind Tolas, Norwegen 2003, Gedicht: Love is the Law Ole Mads Vevle.

Just Say No To Family Values, another clip Christiane Lange showed on saturday Oct.22nd in Jermuk. John Giorno going wild in a sermon not everybody will appreciate.The lady translator had some difficulties in transmitting specific passages to the guests. An interesting connection to the speech Geert van Istendael would give the next day, about where the limits of freedom of expression are situated for poets and writers. His article can be read in the POSTS section of this blog.

Interview on CNN with the Armenian prime minister, Tigran Sargsian, whom we met on the evening of monday Oct.24th  at Yerevan Chamber Theater. Honouring David Muradian’s literary career and birthday. In this video fragment mister Sargsian states that 60 to 70% of the Armenian economy still depends on  incoming financial resources of the diaspora. He also reaches out a firm but principle hand to Azerbeidjan and Turkey.

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